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An Update to Our Valued Patients

Dear Patients,

Once again we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding through these difficult times.

Following the latest Prime Ministers speech on Monday 4th January 2021, we would like to reassure our patients that as dentistry is considered essential care, we will remain open as normal during the lockdown.

All appointments MUST be made in advance by telephone. On booking an appointment you will be advised of the attendance protocol and Covid-19 screening questions that will be asked prior to the appointment and on the day of attending. Please DO NOT enter the practice without speaking to our reception team.

We have always followed the most stringent cross infection protocols and have invested in the latest air purifying technology with our dentair units to keep both patients and staff safe.

We look forward to continuing to provide the best care possible for our patients throughout the lockdown.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact our reception team on 01332 364 630.

Patient Attendance Procedure

On arrival at the practice whether it be by foot, bicycle, public transport, or car please do NOT enter the practice! Call us on 01332 364630 to notify our reception co-ordinators of your arrival where COVID-19 screening questions must be asked prior to entering. Our reception co-ordinators will advise you on what you must do further whilst waiting for your appointment as this will either be coming into the socially distanced waiting room or otherwise waiting in your car. We will contact you as soon as we are ready for you to come through into the practice.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these times.


Posted by Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic on 6th January 2021, under News

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