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Dental Implant Procedure

There are 5 steps to the dental implant process and it can take a minimum of 6 weeks from start to finish. Everyone is different, and your dentist will adjust the treatment to ensure you get the best results.

1. Free Implant Consultation

You’ll visit Bridge Dental & Implant Clinic and meet our Treatment Coordinator. She will explain dental implants and answer all your questions.

2. Agree on a Treatment Plan

Next, you’ll have an appointment with your dentist who’ll go through with you in detail, what treatment is required and how much this will cost.

3. Have Your Implants Placed

Your dentist will fit your implants

4. Healing and Bonding Time

It takes from 12 to 14 weeks for your implant to integrate with your bone. During this time, you’ll have a temporary cover to protect it.

5. Get Your New Teeth

You’ll return to our clinic for your dentist to fit your final tooth crown or bridge. Now you can enjoy your new teeth.

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