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Dear Patients, we would like to announce that with immediate effect, we have closed our dental practice for anything except URGENT treatment. This decision was made on today based on the most up to date medical guidance. Our utmost priority is the safety of our patients and our staff.

IT IS CRUCIAL that everyone in the country restricts all travel to only essential journeys.

All emergency appointments must be made in advance via calling the practice number on 01332 364630

Due to dental drills causing aerosol spread and a risk of spreading COVID19, special protective equipment is required to use them safely (specifically FFP3 Respirator masks, as advised today by the British Dental Association). As there is currently a shortage of this protective equipment, we are severely limited to the service we can provide – we can only do treatments that do not require a drill.

As far as we are aware most or all other dental practices will not have this equipment either. Only 111 NHS emergency dental practices have been supplied with them.

We can only provide URGENT treatment of the following list:

  • Sharp broken teeth – that are causing significant pain from the sharpness and need TEMPORARY fillings.
  • Facial Swellings – it is URGENT that you make an appointment if this is the case. Appropriate antibiotics may be needed.
  • Tooth Ache – that can not be controlled with pain killers. Please be aware we can only currently provide extractions. We cannot treat toothache that requires the use of the dental drill, as we cannot provide this treatment safely. If it is determined that it could be needed after we have assessed you, you will need to be further referred to 111 to locate an emergency practice that has the required special protective equipment.

Please do not make appointments for minor issues such as sensitive teeth, minor discomfort and niggles, or any non-urgent treatment.

We will be open to offering dental advice on the phone for any urgent issues.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your understanding during these times of need.
Please make emergency appointments responsibly, only for dental issues that are URGENT.

  • We need to protect our community.

  • We need to protect our staff.

  • We need to protect our NHS services.

By limiting unnecessary appointments and travel, and only booking an appointment if necessary, we can successfully operate an emergency dental service and help you, and others, during these difficult times.

Please do your part, and stay home unless necessary. We’ll be here for you when you need us. Stay Safe.

For help and advice on managing dental pain at home please click here

Thank you for your co operation – Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic

Posted by Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic on 17th March 2020, under News