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Same Day Teeth in a day…

Now that’s something to smile about.

If missing and failing teeth or dentures are stopping you from smiling, enjoying your favourite foods or kissing with confidence, then new fixed teeth fitted in a day on permanent dental Implants at Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic could be the answer to your problems.

  • No obligation
  • Free assessment
  • Expert after care
  • Fitted in one day

Using the latest generation of dental Implants with specially treated surfaces and improved thread designs, together with new proven and accepted techniques we can achieve much greater Implant stability whether replacing a single tooth, or a full arch

The process

Free no-obligation consultation

Come and find out if same day dental implants are right for you

Same day implants

We fit your implant and crown securely in the same day!

Expert after care

You can be sure that your experience will be as smooth and comfortable as possible

Posted by Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic on 20th February 2018, under Same Day Teeth,Smile Enhancement

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