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Step into spring with a smile

As well as being one of the two most important events in the Christian calendar, Easter is traditionally a celebration of new life and rebirth. What better time than now then to think about investing in a new you so that you can step into spring with a smile? In this article, we look at some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments that won’t break the bank.

Cosmetic dentistry is a term used for various techniques which make your teeth look better. It can involve specialist cleaning techniques that leave your teeth looking brighter and whiter, or use various procedures to improve the appearance of missing, broken or damaged teeth.

1. Teeth Whitening

As we get older, many of us become increasingly frustrated with the appearance or our teeth, which are no longer the shiny white they once were. Common lifestyle choices and habits such as smoking, or drinking tea, coffee and red wine are all known to cause staining, as are many other popular foods and drinks.

People choose teeth whitening for many reasons, such as improving their appearance and confidence before a job interview or looking great for a family wedding. Whatever your reasons, professional teeth whitening performed by your dentist is a great investment and is much more safe and effective than using a home whitening kit.

2. Veneers

Visibly chipped teeth can be very frustrating and undermine our confidence. Many people suffer for years, unaware that there is a simple solution available – veneers. A veneer works in a similar fashion to a false nail, although they last much longer and are usually completely invisible. The front of the damaged tooth is fitted with a custom-made wafer-thin layer of porcelain, which is used to restore its natural appearance. The veneer is especially coloured to be as close as possible to your natural teeth, so nobody except you (and your dentist of course) will ever need to know.

3. Crowns

A veneer is not always suitable, especially if there is more extensive damage to the tooth. Missing or damaged teeth require a little more work, but there is still a great solution known as a dental crown. A crown is essentially an artificial tooth that is fitted over the remaining part of a damaged tooth and looks just like the real thing.

Crowns can also be used to completely replace missing teeth, but you may also require a dental implant which works like a replacement root. See below for more.

4. Dental implants

A dental implant is basically a replacement root made out of titanium, which has the unique ability to bond with the bone to give you a firm base that is as strong as the natural root of a healthy tooth. The process is relatively straightforward and can be used to support anything from a single crown or bridge to a complete new set of teeth. The end result is a smile that looks and feels as good as new and lasts for many years.

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Posted by Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic on 7th April 2017, under Smile Enhancement,Teeth Whitening