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Chew Your Way to Healthier Teeth

Although dental experts have been promoting the benefits of chewing sugar-free gum for some time, many people in the UK are still not aware of the impact this simple measure could have on their oral health.

A recent study suggests that over half of the population doesn’t realise that chewing sugar-free gum several times a day can have significant long-term benefits to their oral health, and only around a quarter of people use it as part of their regular oral hygiene routine.

Chewing sugar-free gum doesn’t replace the need to brush your teeth and make regular visits to the dentist, but as an additional measure it can help reduce plaque acid following meals and protect against dental erosion. For such a simple solution, chewing sugar-free gum could have a big impact on your oral health, so why not start to incorporate it into your daily routine?[1]

[1] http://www.dentistry.co.uk/2016/03/21/sugar-free-gum-not-used-as-part-of-an-oral-health-regime-by-most-people/

Posted by Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic on 23rd May 2016, under Dental health

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