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Guided Biofilm Therapy

The first pain-free solution offered in dental cleaning

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is the latest state of the art technology that has been brought to the dental world. Bridge Dental & Implant clinic are proud to be the first clinic within Derby who have made the investment in this new technology. GBT will be offered to our patients by our dedicated team of experienced Hygiene Therapists.

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Why choose Guided Biofilm Therapy?

  • Warm water means a comfortable experience with less sensitivity
  • No needles or local anaesthetic required unless patient preference
  • Specially designed technology and equipment means a pain free experience
  • GBT is minimally invasive and gentle on soft tissues, implants and restorations

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a thin, sticky and colourless film of bacteria that covers your teeth. The main problem is that biofilm is barely visible to the naked eye, which of course makes it difficult to see and to remove.

What happens if Biofilm is left untreated?

Biofilm is the main factor that causes tooth decay and gum disease. How does this happen? When the biofilm comes into contact with sugary foods and drinks, the bacteria starts to break down the enamel which eventually leads to decay in the tooth. The effected teeth would then need to be treated, whether that’s a filling or further treatment. And it doesn’t stop there. The thicker biofilm will also begin to irritate the gums and this can trigger the body’s natural inflammatory response.

The result is sore and inflamed gums which tend to bleed whilst brushing — ouch! If left untreated, gingivitis, (the early stage of gum disease) can progress into serious gum disease, called periodontitis, which can lead to tooth loss. Gum disease also increases your risk of arthritis, diabetes, dementia, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases amongst other things, so it’s crucial that we look after our oral health to keep our bodies healthy too.

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A more confident smile and teeth for life in 8 easy steps

PETER.S., A PERIODONTITIS PATIENT, AGE 76,  SAYS: “30 years of fear and anesthesia with each treatment! Today, it’s hard to believe but I love having my teeth cleaned! My teeth and gums are in great shape. I love it!”

How is Guided Biofilm Therapy different from a traditional scale and polish?

GBT is an innovation from Switzerland, by the company EMS. For more than 35 years EMS has developed high-end technologies and protocols in conjunction with the world’s most advanced clinicians, enabling patients to enjoy their natural teeth and implants for much longer.

So yes, GBT is brimming with revolutionary technology, but what are the differences that you as a patient will notice? We decided to ask our patients what they dislike about a normal scale and polish, allowing us to compare it to GBT!

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Would I be suitable for Guided Biofilm Therapy?

With Guided Biofilm Therapy, all types of patients are suitable:

✓ Patients with braces
✓ Patients with dental implants
✓ Patients with restorations
✓ Children
✓ Nervous patients
✓ Patients with cosmetic dental work

Take a look at how easily GBT Therapy cleans brace brackets

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Regular oral hygiene and professional GBT keeps biofilm under control for better oral and systemic health. Contact us today to book your Guided Biofilm Therapy appointment with our calm and caring hygiene therapy team.

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