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Composite Bonding

Repair your smile with Composite Bonding

Composite veneers, also known as composite/dental bonding, involves the use of tooth-coloured resin to repair chipped, discoloured, fractured or decayed teeth.

The treatment is so-called because the material is ‘bonded’ to your teeth.

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What problems does Composite Bonding treat?

The composite resin used during this treatment can be shaped and polished to match your natural teeth. We usually use teeth bonding to brighten up a discoloured tooth or improve the appearance of chipped teeth.

We also use tooth bonding to make teeth appear longer, change the shape/ colour of a tooth or close gaps between the teeth. Bonding can also be used as a cosmetic alternative to silver fillings.

What is involved in Composite Bonding?

One of the best things about teeth bonding is that you can have it done in just one visit, so you can enjoy your stunning new smile as soon as you leave the practice!

Before we begin the bonding procedure, we will use a shade chart to make sure the composite resin we choose is a perfect colour match to your natural teeth.

Once you’re happy with the colour, we will prepare your surrounding teeth for the procedure. We’ll then coat the tooth we’re treating with a light amount of conditioning liquid to help the resin bond with your enamel.

The next step is to apply the resin. We will mould and smooth the putty-like material until it is shaped exactly the way you want it, before shining a special ultra-violet light onto your tooth to set the resin.

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What are the benefits of Composite Bonding?

Here are just some of the brilliant benefits of this non-invasive treatment:

  1. Very little preparation is needed – this means that we won’t need to remove much (if any) of your existing tooth enamel to make room for the composite material.
  2. Quick procedure – the treatment is typically complete in just one appointment!
  3. No need for anaesthesia – meaning that you can carry on with your day with minimal downtime once the treatment is complete.

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What we get asked a lot about Composite Bonding

How much is Composite Bonding?

The cost of Composite Bonding varies depending on how many teeth you will be having treated. Get in touch today to book your free consultation where we can talk you through our prices.

How long does Composite Bonding last?

This depends on how well you look after your teeth, but usually Composite Bonding lasts between 4 – 8 years. Lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking coffee can also discolour the composite – so this also needs to be kept in mind if you want to keep your smile looking its best for longer!

Does Composite Bonding hurt?

Composite Bonding usually is not painful. It does not require anaesthesia, and will be completed in one sitting. If you are an anxious patient, don’t worry. Our team will help put you at ease and ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment journey with us.

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If you’re thinking about having composite bonding, you probably have lots of questions. Talking to someone who has seen the process from start to finish can really help. Why not book a free consultation with our Treatment Coordinator.

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