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Preventative & Hygienist Dentistry

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We offer ‘preventative dentistry’ – helping you to maintain a healthy mouth so you can avoid dental treatment like fillings and extractions wherever possible. Building solid relationships with our clients, Bridge Dental and Implant clinic support every individual with their oral maintenance at home.

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Members Hygiene Visits

Our guidance will help you to put a fabulous at-home oral hygiene routine in place, but this alone will not ensure a healthy mouth. This is why regular hygiene reservations are included in all Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic memberships.

Your routine will be enhanced by these regular dental hygiene visits, where we will be able to use specialist tools and instruments to ensure your teeth are as clean as they can be. We’ll be able to see and reach places you can’t at home and catch any dental issues early.

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Non-Member Hygiene Visits

You don’t have to be a member at Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic to enjoy the benefits of our hygiene reservations – you can book in at any time. If you prefer to ‘pay as you go’, you’ll still have access to all of our specialist tools, treatments and instruments. You’ll receive exactly the same warm, friendly and professional customer service as members.

Simply book or call the clinic, so we can identify your needs and advise you on which treatments will deliver your most dazzling smile yet.

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We use Air-Flow (Dental Air Polishing)

Air-Flow is a professional, biofilm and stain removal system that tackles stubborn stains, which are difficult to remove with normal teeth whitening methods.

Using a special powder, air, and a gentle jet stream of water; Air-Flow gently and painlessly removes surface stains caused by tobacco, food and drink. In just one appointment, you will immediately see and feel the difference.

Air-Flow removes surface stains easily, resulting in a brighter, whiter smile. Sometimes, discolouration occurs on a deeper level. This can result from the use of certain medications, or a genetic susceptibility to darker teeth.

A combination of teeth whitening and Air-Flow treatment provides dramatic results; resulting in a smile which can be several shades lighter.

Air-Flow treatment is for anyone looking for a brighter, whiter smile. From light staining to more severe stains; Air-Flow significantly improves tooth brightness, giving you a noticeably, sparkling, healthy mouth, in an instant.

Why choose Air-Flow?

  • Tackle severe stains & biofilm
  • Immediate brightening results
  • Increased confidence
  • Fast & painless procedure Removes debris & plaque
  • Affordable

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Hygiene Services

Why use dental hygiene services?

Regular hygiene check-ups can ensure your oral health is maintained and infections and diseases are prevented. Hygiene services are a preventative method that keep your smile happy and healthy – if regular check-ups are avoided, it could potentially lead to undiscovered infections, diseases or even undetected mouth cancer. The best way to avoid dental problems and maintain good oral hygiene is to go to your dentist regularly.

Should I get my teeth cleaned the recommended twice a year?

Typically, people brush and floss their teeth twice a day, which tackles the cleanliness and appearance of your teeth when you look in the mirror. However, what you are not seeing in the mirror requires the recommended twice a year hygienist visits to sustain your dental health and keep your whole mouth happy.

How often should I have oral hygiene check-ups?

Depending on the level of oral hygiene, here at Bridge dental & Implant Clinic, we recommend a check-up to be scheduled for every 3 to 6 months. This way we can always keep an eye on your oral health and use preventative care to eliminate diseases or infections.

Do I continue my usual hygiene check-ups after I’ve had my implants fitted?

Oral hygiene check-ups are just as important for implants as they are for teeth. Bacteria can accumulate around the implants which can lead to infections potentially threatening the success of the rehabilitation.

What factors affect your oral hygiene?


Smokers are more likely to develop gum disease and at an earlier age. Research has found that smoking cigarettes more than doubled the rate of tooth loss for individuals and increased the chances of becoming completely toothless by 4 times.

Lack of Sleep:

It has been proved that sleep deprivation is the second leading cause (after smoking) of gum related health issues. People that have 6 hours or less of restless sleep are more susceptible to gum disease due to pockets forming between gums and teeth, as well as destruction of the bone.


A symptom of pregnancy that many people are unaware of is the softening of gums. This makes oral hygiene even more important than usual, as soft gums can be more susceptible to infection and plaque build-up. Infected and bleeding gums could result in damage to your teeth, so it’s recommended that pregnant women have regular dental check-ups to ensure any dental issues are dealt with as soon as possible.

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