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Protect Your Dental Health with Our Dental Care Plan

Protect Your Dental Health with Our Dental Care Plan
A healthy smile is a huge asset and it is important to look after it. Our dental team at Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic is passionate about dentistry which is why we strive to provide our patients with the very highest standard of dental care. We also want to reward our loyal patients and we’d like to invite you to join our Dental Care Plan.


Why Belong to a Dental Care Plan?

We know it is easy to put off regular check-ups but imagine if these visits were complimentary! With our Dental Care Plan, all our members receive regular complimentary checkups as this is our way of thanking you for remaining loyal to our practice.


What’s included in Your Complimentary Care Appointments

During your check-up, our dentist will provide a thorough clinical examination that includes a regular screening for oral cancer. An oral cancer screening is vitally important as treatment is far more successful with early detection of this disease. Everybody needs routine x-rays periodically, and these are provided when clinically necessary. As part of your complimentary checkup, you’ll also receive a hygiene appointment that includes a scale and polish as well as lots of great advice on how to continue looking after your teeth and gums at home.

All this is included in your Dental Care Plan once you have made just six consecutive monthly payments.


Regular Check-ups are a Vital Part of Your Preventative Dental Care Plan

Although we can restore and replace missing teeth, we’d much rather help your natural teeth last longer and it’s essential to have a good preventative dental care plan in place. Regular check-ups are a vital part of preventative dentistry, enabling our dentist to detect any problems, hopefully well before you feel any unpleasant symptoms. By keeping a close eye on your dental health, we can replace crumbling fillings and ageing restorations, protecting and preserving your teeth. Another huge benefit of regular preventative dental care is that it will save you money in the longer term as smaller problems are quicker to put right, so treatment is much more cost-effective.

Your hygiene appointments are essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy, especially as gum disease is a very common problem. Our hygienist will work with you and can show you the best way to brush and floss; sometimes even making small changes to your regular routine can be amazingly effective. Not only is gum disease is the most common cause of tooth loss, but it can affect your general health. Gum disease or periodontal disease has been associated with diabetes and heart disease, certain cancers and rheumatoid arthritis. By looking after your mouth, you’re looking after your body.


The Benefits Don’t Stop There

Your affordable Dental Care Plan also includes treatment planning to meet your dental needs, as well as assessment of any emergencies or dental pain, and it covers any necessary temporary treatment required during normal surgery hours. If you need any fillings or require restorations made in our laboratory, then you will receive a 20% discount for work carried out at our clinic. This discount also covers any additional hygiene work you require, any products purchased at our dental practice and most other dental work.


Peace of Mind When You Go Away on Holiday

By looking after your teeth you’re far less likely to have a dental emergency such as toothache, but for a very small premium, your dental plan can include Trauma Insurance that covers you anywhere in the world, as well as Emergency Callout Insurance. If you need to see a dentist while on holiday then you are covered.

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