4 ideas to keep your kids sugar free this Easter

Kids painting easter eggs

It’s hard enough for most of the year to limit the amount of sugar our children consume. Improvements such as healthy checkouts in the supermarkets and better provision in schools are helping, but the excitement and anticipation that comes with Easter means it can be a real challenge for parents who wish to put their children’s teeth and health first and foremost. To help you find a way to cut back on the sugar, the team here at Bridge Dental Practice has come up with some handy suggestions.

1. An egg-celent alternative

Whilst the excessive consumption of chocolate eggs may be completely familiar for those of us born and raised in Britain, many countries do not share this tradition. In Poland, for example, there is an egg swapping tradition that is completely different. Families get together to help children paint and decorate hard-boiled eggs, before enjoying an egg cracking session at the breakfast table on Easter Sunday. The kids (and grown-ups) get to share decorated eggs and eat them together, but it’s much healthier than chocolate. Everyone’s a winner!

If you look online or in a good craft shop, you should be enough to find food-safe egg dyes and wax crayons which are all you need to enjoy this alternative approach – apart from lots of eggs of course!

2. Change the chocolate

Even if you are determined to cut down on the sugar this Easter, it is hard to imagine going through the entire celebration without so much as munching on a square of chocolate or indulging in a piece of chocolate cake. Luckily, there is a reasonably healthy way to enjoy some chocolate – make the switch to dark chocolate. The problem with most chocolate products is not the chocolate itself but all the extra sugar and other things that are added. You’ve still got time before Easter, so why not get online and find some recipes for cooking with dark chocolate to experiment with?

3. Egg-citing activities

A great way to distract your children from wanting to eat chocolate eggs is to get them involved in some make and do activities. A quick visit to your local craft shop should be sufficient to furnish you with everything you need to have a great craft session. Why not make some paper mache eggs, paper daffodils or other Easter decorations? You could even set up an Easter egg hunt using things the children have made. The only limit is your imagination – but luckily there are plenty of great websites if you need a little Easter inspiration.

4. Healthy hampers

If you want to give the children an edible surprise that is free from sugar, you could get a little bit crafty and prepare some healthy hampers. Find some small baskets or some organza bags, some coloured ribbons, glitter-glue and such like and put together an Easter present filled with tasty treats such as nuts, raisins, fruit and savoury snacks. Adding a small gift such as a toy or game for each child is also a great way to keep them occupied. For extra fun, you could theme the healthy hampers to match each child’s interests.

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Posted by Bridge Dental and Implant Clinic on 14th March 2017, under Children

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